About Us
The McDonough Haunted History Tour and the Geranium City Tours are owned by Dawg-Eared Books in McDonough, Georgia.  

Our Haunted History Tours help you discover the spookier side of one of Georgia's most charming and historic cities.  Come hear the stories of the haunted site of the former movie theater downtown, the Confederate ghosts at historic Hazlehurst House, and the gory details of the 1900 Train Crash when the victims were laid out in the square waiting to be embalmed.

If ghost tours scare you, then join us starting in December for the Geranium City Tours where you will hear about the building of the square, the military history of the community, and stories of heroes and movies filmed in the area.

Reserve your spot on the tours today by calling 770-957-1880. We leave Dawg-Eared Books at 41 Keys Ferry Street at 6:00 p.m.on each tour date.  This is a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes.

 The Haunted History Tours and Geranium City Tours begins at Dawg-Eared Books, located at 41 Keys Ferry Street right across from Planters Walk Antique Mart and Moye's Pharmacy.  The tour takes you through Clay Plaza, which was once a movie theater, to hear stories about the "picture show" that was started there in the era of the Great Depression. We also visit the historic square to hear from a Civil War scholar who will tell us about life for Confederate and Union Soldiers during the War Between the States.  He will also share details of McDonough's involvement in the famous March to the Sea.  We will also see the home of former McDonough Mayor J.B. Dickson, one of the most haunted locations in the county.  We will hear about the old B.B. Carmichael and Sons Funeral Home where the current Season's Bistro is located, and how visitors often feel touched in certain places in the dining area.  Hear about how some of the bodies of the victims of the 1900 Camp Creek Train Crash were laid out in the square until the local funeral homes could  help send them to their loved ones.  We will also stop out front of the beautiful Hazlehurst House, an antebellum home that is now an events center.  Hear stories about the great fires that almost completely destroyed the downtown area, and deaths that occurred at the old cotton warehouse where Planter's Walk is located on Key's Ferry Road.  The tour is 10.00 for adults and 5.00 for children. Join us, and hear about some of the spooky history of the Geranium City.


Clay Plaza-Home of Dawg-Eared Books and Tours

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